Chris McMahon had always considered himself a tech-native. He grew up interested in computers, and by the 1990s, he was building his own websites. His interest and proficiency parlayed itself into a career as a software engineer. In a past life, Chris worked as a backend developer for major corporations like Citigroup and IBM. At one point, he even served as a VP of Systems Engineering at Bank of America.

Given his background in fintech, Chris understood the need for secure systems to help protect others’ valuable information. By all means, it would be an understatement to say that Chris…

How two sisters (twins!) at Pomona College learned iOS mobile development and built an app to minimize waste

America’s waste problem is no joke. Every year, we generate between 250 million and 400 million tons of garbage, all of which require landfill space. This problem inspired Evelyn and Summer Hasama, twin sisters currently attending Pomona College, to design DonateIt, an app that matches people with items to donate with others in their neighborhood interested in picking up those items. Earlier this month, Evelyn and Summer presented DonateIt in front of judges from Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Stripe, and Visa, winning first place over more than 70 other student teams.

This is such a thoughtful product in the time…

On the Path is an interview series with CodePath’s student community, highlighting our students’ stories, accomplishments, and journeys to become software engineers. Here’s Philip Boakye’s story.

Meet Philip Boayke, CodePath student and future change maker.

Philip Boakye has always been a bit impatient. Growing up in Ghana, he would ask his father what the future held, and how he would know what he’d do with his life.

Philip’s father would tell him: “Relax. You’re going to find out. You’re going to know soon.”

A year in the U.S. as a high school exchange student revealed the ways in which his education didn’t quite measure up to what he’d need…

In everything we do, CodePath seeks to empower the future generation of software engineers and tech industry professionals. One of the ways we do that is by offering supplemental courses free of charge to college students across the nation. The other day, I got the opportunity to interview Caren Chang, who designs and teaches CodePath’s Intro to Mobile Product Development (Intro to MPD) course.

Caren Chang — Android Engineer and CodePath instructor

Caren is currently an Android engineer at Google. In addition to teaching with CodePath, Caren also devotes time to Code2040 and Mentors in Tech. …

Our Vision: Free Engineering Education For All

Over the past few years, CodePath has trained 2000+ engineers at 100+ companies in Silicon Valley. We’re proud of the fact that no individual has ever paid for a CodePath course. We believe the best education in the world should be freely accessible and we’ve been fortunate to work with great companies like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Box, and others to help make this vision a reality. …

We’re excited to announce that CodePath is partnering with Uber to provide an 8-week evening Android course for experienced engineers this summer.

The purpose of the course is to expand mobile engineering opportunities in the developer community and provide engineers from non-traditional backgrounds an opportunity to take a free, accelerated mobile engineering course.

Twenty-five students and 5 Uber engineers will be selected to attend in person at Uber’s San Francisco headquarters (some engineers will be approved to attend remotely).

Read more about the announcement on the Uber Blog or apply to the course here.

CodePath goes back to school

To bridge the gap between industry best practices and what’s taught in academia we plan to have CodePath classes running in hundreds of universities within the next three years. CodePath has spent years training senior engineers and designers inside of companies like Facebook, Dropbox, and Google on the latest technologies in mobile and web development. We believe that bringing the same classes to universities and introducing modern technologies like iOS, Android, and Node.js in the context of building practical apps will complement the traditional computer science curriculum.

As students near graduation, this can also help expose and prepare them for…


CodePath transforms computer science education for women and underrepresented minorities at over 150 colleges and universities.

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